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8 Great Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands To Your Workouts

Resistance bands are basically reinforced rubber band that you can use to get a really fantastic workout. As simple as this exercise tool is, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise with resistance bands, and without the need for heavy weights.

If you’re new to resistance bands or you’ve never tried them before, you may be very surprised at the inherent benefits of incorporating such a simple tool into your workouts.

You can either opt for the thin resistance bands with the handles or the thicker bands without the handles. I would suggest which ever is easier for you to use.

Which ever one you choose, there are great benefits to using resistance bands during exercise.

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8 Great Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands To Your Workouts

1. Resistance bands are incredibly cost effective

Resistance bands even with extensive kits; including DVDs and other exercise equipment, would cost you less that $40.00

2. Easy to use alone

If you’re lifting heavy weights, then you know you need an exercise buddy to ensure your safety. However, you can safely use your resistance bands on your own.

3. Adaptable for multiple fitness level

Even if you are a beginner or expert, resistance bands are for you, since they come in a variety of resistances which can be adjusted for the level of intensity for the workout you want.

4. Add variety to your workout

You can use resistance bands as an alternate with your other exercise equipment to challenge your muscles. Thus you avoid your muscles becoming quickly adapted to one form of exercise.

5. Easy to store

No worries here, since there is virtually no storage space needed to store your resistance bands as with other bulky equipment. Once you are done with your workout, you simply store your bands perhaps in a drawer, until your next workout session.

Since resistance bands don’t require, an added advantage is that you ca easily take it with you wherever you go.

6. Extremely effective in working your muscles

Resistance bands are extremely effective in a working your muscles, as we as, boosting your stamina, range of motion, flexibility and much more.

7. Provides comprehensive full-body workout

Believe it not, you can use resistance bands for a comprehensive, full-body workout for every muscle group in your body.

8. Use them with familiar exercises

You don’t need to learn complicated new routines to use your resistance bands, but you can combine them with the strength training moves you are already familiar with.